Worrying about black bowel movement

Though a black stool could seem worrying, it is usually a result of something you ate; moreover, some herbal and mineral supplements that contain iron change the color of the bowel movement turning it dark. Such occurrences may appear once in a lifetime or repeatedly. Whether sporadic or chronic, do no hesitate to call the doctor in case you experience any other symptoms such as constipation or diarrhea.  


Black bowel movement or false melena

The medical term of melena refers to the color changes of the stool on the basis of internal bleeding. By false melena doctors refer to a tarry bowel movement that is also accompanied by very foul smell, bloating and gas elimination. Tarry stool with dietary causes is not seen as an affection, but as a normal change specific to any digestive system.

Benign and malign black bowel movement

While most black stools are benign in nature, statistics indicate that a permanent dark bowel movement could relate to a serious malign affection. Tarry stools are  among the symptoms of internal bleeding, colon cancer and other serious digestive disease. Under such circumstances the dark color of the stool is actually given by the presence of the congealed or oxidized blood.