What does a bleeding bowel movement hide?

As a medical condition, a bleeding stool is something to worry about; blood may appear incorporated in the bowel movement or be a distinct part of the stool elimination process. Whichever be the case, a medical check is a must since the condition may hide a variety of affections, from hemorrhoids and bacterial infections to the irritable bowel syndrome and even cancer.

The origin point of the bleeding bowel movement

The blood from the stool may come from two different sources: either from the intestine or from the local anal area. The former condition is the most dangerous and health treacherous since it usually requires a large number of medical investigations and complex treatments. The latter is usually caused by the breaking of the skin in the rectum or the ulceration of the soft membrane at the entrance of the anus.

The treatment of the bleeding bowel movement

You should not attempt to treat an intestine disorder on your own without consulting a specialist first. Failure to ignore such an alarm bell may lead to an aggravation of the health condition as such. The treatment varies from case to case depending on the affection that triggers the bloody stool: there will be antibiotics for infections, anti-inflammatory and membrane protective drugs for the IBS and so on.