Changes in the bowel movement after colon hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is highly indicated for people who have problems with their bowel movement. By problems we can refer to constipation, diarrhea, abdominal gas, bloating, foul stool smell and the like. Hydrotherapy helps to the easy and rapid detoxification of the colon, cleansing the body of all waste and toxins resulted from digestion. Most people experience an alleviation of the symptoms and even a  complete recovery after a  more severe condition.      

Negative aspects of the bowel movement after colon hydrotherapy

Fortunately, colon hydrotherapy is completely safe and pretty comfortable too, though many people consider it a bit invasive. There may appear some modifications in the bowel movement, but only in very few cases could they be seen as negative aspects. Liquid or urgent stools are the most common occurrences after the treatment, but they are temporary and not too bothersome.

Recommended diet for a healthy bowel movement after colon hydrotherapy

Since the whole purpose of colon cleansing is the elimination of the toxins from the body, a careful and healthy diet is a must afterwards. Vegetables, fruits, cereals and diary products are the foods with the lowest toxin content whereas sweets, meat, fat and food additives are the ones that clog the organs and lower the functionality parameters of the entire body.