The embarrassing bowel movement during sex

Awkward, alarming and hard to explain, the occurrence of a stool during intercourse can be a great shock for partners. First of all, there is the question,  “why?” Besides the urgent need to go to the toilet, an anal incontinence could be  the problem: this means that you have little or no control over the rectum muscles. If you experience the unpleasant episode at least twice, you should contact the doctor and run a series of medical investigations to learn the cause for the problem.

Anal intercourse and bowel movement during sex

Anal sex could be the cause of a spontaneous stool due to the stimulation of the  internal membrane. Moreover, if you practice anal sex on a regular basis it is also possible that you alter the muscle control in the area. A solution here would be to try and have a bowel movement before intercourse: this should solve the problem temporarily.         

Other solutions for bowel movement during sex

If the stool episodes that mar your sex life are rooted in a rectal incontinence you can improve control on the muscles by performing some very simple exercises during the day. A good therapeutic practice is the contraction of the genital-anal muscles as if trying to retain the urine flow. In time, the exercise will tighten the  muscles and you'll be free from the flaw of bowel movement during sex.