What is a burning bowel movement?

The burning stool symptoms include a local sensation that characterizes the passage of the stool through the rectum. The burning feeling can be associated not only with certain toxins in the waste but also with the passage of a very large stool that puts tension on the intestine walls. The causes for the burning bowel movement vary from diet to local problems.

Diet and burning bowel movement

There are two common causes for the appearance of a burning stool: an irritation, cut or other form of damage at the level of the intestine or diet. For the latter case, spicy foods are the ones to blame for the burning and even painful sensation you've got when you go to the rest room. Part of the spicy substances pass unmodified through the digestive system and increase discomfort at the level of the soft membrane.    

Intestinal damage and burning bowel movement

The problem with internal intestine damage is that it is often neglected and passes unnoticed for a longer period of time. If the lesion does not heal properly, chances are that it will turn into an ulceration that is often a lot more difficult to treat. Do not ignore any burning bowel movement that you know to be triggered by unknown factors; even cancer cases have been identified in the direst of situations.