Dealing with clear bowel movement

A clear bowel movement is what we actually mean by a mucus stool discharge. Considered one of the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, this condition is often accompanied by abdominal discomfort and a changed overall health condition. Moreover, the clear stool may alternate with regular bowel movement, or be combined. Some people get a clear bowel movement after eating a certain type of food like too much fat or cheese for instance.

Clear bowel movement and digestive disorders

Though stools with mucus may indicate that you suffer from the irritable bowel syndrome you should not jump to conclusions before you have an expert's opinion. Moreover, a clear stool is not necessarily the indicator of a chronic problem. A bacterial infection could also lie behind the symptoms, which is more frequent with children and infants.

Other symptoms that accompany clear bowl movement

Babies that suffer from an infection or an inflammation of the intestine membrane may also have a clear bowel movement. For such cases, medical treatment and a strict diet are the first measures to be taken. A clear stool is also possible to appear during a colon detoxification period, but the presence of the symptom is not a rule.