Define a frequent bowel movement!

The very stool pattern is totally individual and cannot be analyzed according to some standard categories; there are however certain factors that influence bowel movement. Thus a person can have two or even three stools per day without this fact being considered an issue. Frequent bowel movements are a reason for concern when they are liquid and smelly, usually indicating a digestive infection.

Risks of frequent bowel movement

If the size and the consistency of the stools remains unmodified, there is no worry for the appearance of frequent bowel movements. They can be triggered by stress, anxiety and other issues that do not indicate illness. Only watery stools are dangerous as they can lead to a severe dehydration state with serious consequences for the body. Solidifying the poop is the first major aspect to deal with when you are experiencing the problem.

Food that helps you cope with frequent bowel movement

Rice, toast, cheese, blueberries and lemon will usually put a stop to frequent watery stools. Nevertheless, some other medical treatment may also be required in case there is a bacterial infection behind the problem. Contact your doctor and stick to his or her recommendation concerning the most adequate medication under the circumstances.