Green bowel movement?

The appearance of green bowel movement is usually a reaction to something in the diet: either vegetables or food additives. Experts claim that it is not unusual to get a green stool when consuming large quantities of leafy greens such as broccoli or lettuce. While such foods are highly positive in action by their anti-toxin effect, we cannot say the same thing about the artificial chemicals used in food processing, which are also held responsible for green bowel movement.

Food coloring and green bowel movement

Certain foods and beverages include various quantities of green substances meant to make them look more appealing: this is the case with some ice-cream varieties, sherbet or even more sophisticated drinks like absinthe for instance. Even under the circumstances, you should not worry about a green stool unless you experience other symptoms such as diarrhea or other kind of abdominal discomfort.

Iron supplements and green bowel movement

While for some people iron supplements give black tarry stools, for some others, iron waste results in a green bowel movement. Thus, it often happens for babies to show such symptoms since most milk formulas are iron-enriched. What you come to eliminate is the iron waste that the body was not able to process.