Uncomfortable grit or chunks in bowel movement

The presence of grit and chunks in bowel movement can hardly pass unnoticed by someone who has a regular and healthy stool. Besides the many questions concerning the causes and the severity of such stools, there is the discomfort problem that can get extremely bothersome. A sand-paper-like sensation and an irritation feeling like that of scraping usually accompany the grit and chunks in bowel movement.  

Certain foods cause grit and chunks in bowel movement

The chunks and grit in stools are actually food pieces that were not digested properly. This usually happens when you don't chew food well enough or when you eat nuts or fibers. The abrasive aspect of such material comes from the fact that besides their hard nature, they also get slightly modified by the stomach and bile juices. It is their shape and structure that usually creates the discomfort of the bowel movement. 

Ways to avoid grit and chunks in bowel movement

Sticking to correct eating habits is the best way to avoid the discomfort caused by chunky stools. You can prevent the formation of the abrasive stool material by chewing food very well, and drinking plenty of liquids. The cellulose present in greens will also help to an increased bowel movement comfort by giving a soft texture to the stool.