What do we mean by gross bowel movement?

By a gross stool people usually refer to a large, very smelly and even odd bowel movement. This is often the case when something in the diet influenced the course of normal digestion by increasing the gas and even toxins level in the intestines. Gross stools are often a symptom of some other ailment in the system, such as the flu, food poisoning or chronic bloating. A doctor should be consulted right away in case you experience other discomforts besides the gross bowel movement.

A “normal” gross bowel movement

It is worth mentioning the fact that a gross bowel movement may actually represent the regular stool pattern for certain people. The question is why do only some of us experience gross bowel movements? The fact is that if there is no other health issue affecting the system, then, the stool specificity is given by an advanced toxin elimination process.

Gross bowel movement and weight loss

A gross stool may refer to the elimination of an oily substance; this is the fat you give away during a weight loss period particularly if you are taking any diet pills or herbal supplements. A change in color could also be reported in association with a gross bowel movement: you may notice an orange or yellowish color specific to the fat residues.