Large bowel movement

Depending on the regular food quantity one ingests, there are special size specificities of the stool. Nevertheless, a large bowel movement is also influenced by the capacity of the anatomic structure to process a certain amount of matter in a determined period of time. A large bowel movement can be simply evaluated by the person in question in comparison with the regular stool characteristics. A large stool is defined differently depending on age, body size and weight.

The advantages of a large bowel movement

A large stool is the very opposite of constipation, we could say that this condition lies at the other extreme of the manifestation of the digestive pattern. Under certain circumstances, a large bowel movement is definitely desirable; not to mention that such a digestive manifestation is perfectly normal. There is no need to worry even if your stool changes from normal to large periodically.

Do not worry about a large bowel movement

Unless there are other modifications in the stool such as the appearance of mucus, blood or white specks, you don't need to take any measure against a large bowel movement. Diet, individual peculiarities and a certain anatomic constitution are all related to the stool pattern, which is why there is no need to worry about an over-sized bowel movement. Be happy that you are free from toxins by the efficient purging of the waste.