Mucus in bowel movement in the first year of life

It often happens for babies to have a yellow-greenish stool with mucus in it. Most usually such occurrences are rare and do not require medical intervention. Mothers are advised not to introduce any new food item in the baby's diet while he or she has mucus in bowel movement. A deterioration of the health condition and the appearance of blood together with mucus is a sign of an infection of the  intestine segment that requires immediate medical care.

Mucus in bowel movement and IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome is a very treacherous health affection triggered by an inadequate diet and the ingestion of too many food additives. Mucus in bowel movement is one of the IBS symptoms, yet, mention should be made that one can experience such stools without suffering from the irritable bowel syndrome. Mucus also indicates a modification of the intestinal flora or the development of a  bacterial infection; only medical tests are able to make diagnosis possible.

Ways to treat mucus in bowel movement

Diet control is the first measure to be taken for the treatment of mucus in bowel movement. No more fast food, ice-cream, chocolate and soft drinks. Coffee and other beverages that contain caffeine are highly irritating for the intestine soft membrane: stay away from such “temptations” if you want to preserve or recover digestive health.