Causes for no adult bowel movement

The causes of adult constipation are manifold ranging from improper eating habits  and a sedentary life style to irritable bowel syndrome and various colon illnesses. A predisposition for constipation has also been noticed since a certain type of food that is harmless for some people, will cause a stool blockage for others. Pregnancy and post-surgery trauma are two other causes behind no adult bowel movement.

Pregnancy and no adult bowel movement

Due to the hormonal changes specific to pregnancy, the digestive process is slowed down so that a better nutrient absorption may occur in favor of the fetus.  Since there are very few laxatives a mother-to-be may use, the problem can be solved and kept under control through diet. Avoid eating white bread and sweets since they retain water and make the stool dry; food rich in fibers is the natural remedy for no adult bowel movement under such circumstances.

Physical activity and no adult bowel movement

Scientists have proved the fact that people who perform various physical exercises on a regular basis are less likely to suffer from constipation. A muscular stimulation accelerates digestion and metabolism allowing for a natural and regular elimination of the body waste. If you practice a sport and take care of your nutrition and hydration properly, there are no reasons to worry about no adult bowel movement.