The cause of no baby bowel movement

Babies and infants in general have soft and almost liquid stools, the absence of such a bowel movement is sometimes the sign of a digestive health problem. Yet,  most issues that appear in the first year of life are related to the growth level of the child. Constipation is usually the result of an immature digestive system that has difficulties with waste elimination.

When to worry about no baby bowel movement

Breast-fed babies are more likely to have a bowel movement every other day or even once every three or four days. The explanation for the fact lies in the high assimilation level of the nutrients in the breast milk that is almost entirely absorbed in the baby's body. Nevertheless, you should worry in case the baby has a dry stool from time to time; contact the pediatrician and find a solution to the problem. Do not administrate drugs that have not been prescribed by the doctor!

No baby bowel movement and the way to fight it through diet

When the baby is old enough to be given food other than milk, which is around four or five months of age, fruit and vegetables should solve the stool frequency problem. Apples are the first on a healthy diet list by their high content of pectins. Moreover, you can also give the baby special gluten-free cereals that also have a positive action on the bowel movement.