Causes for no child bowel movement (constipation in children)

Diet is the main factor behind constipation in children, nevertheless one should not ignore the congenital factors and an inherited predisposition to rare or deficient bowel movement. Therefore, if a child is facing repeated constipation symptoms, the reason may be a chronic affection that can be dealt with by an adequate diet. Lots of greens and plenty of liquids should solve the problem on the long run; giving a child laxatives is only a temporary solution.

Cures for no child bowel movement

There are all sorts of homeopathic and herbal supplements that can be safely administered to children if diet fails to solve the problem of rare and dry stools. Nevertheless you should not use such remedies without professional advice either from a homeopathic practitioner or a herbalist. Among the cures that don't require any second opinion the chamomile tea and honey are truly worth mentioning.

Direct manifestations of no child bowel movement

Young children will usually experience some form of indisposition when constipated. Loss of appetite, abdominal pain and an overall bad mood often accompany the absence of bowel movement. Once the condition is solved, and the child has a normal stool again, things should get back to normal.