Mineral supplements and orange bowel movement

Diet pills and certain mineral oils count orange stools among their common side effects. Many people following various homeopathic and herbal treatments have reported the presence of an oily orange substance in their stools. Such a modification is merely fat that gets eliminated under the form of an orange bowel movement. Yet, there are other issues to be considered in relation with this stool coloration.

Foods responsible for orange bowel movement

Since there is no “normal” or “regular” bowel movement color, orange can very well characterize a normal stool triggered by some foods present in your diet. Carrots, spinach, turnip greens, fresh thyme and sweet potatoes are only a few examples of the things that can turn your bowel movement orange. If the color gets back to normal when you no longer eat such food, then, there is no reason to worry.

Bile deficiency and orange bowel movement

It is under the action of the bile salts that the stool turns brown. If diet is not the reason for the orange color of your bowel movement, then a bile deficiency can be suspected; this would imply the incapacity of the bile secretion to transform the nutrients. Moreover, the causes behind such a dysfunction can range from gallstones to irritable bowel syndrome and even cancer.