Causes for painful bowel movement

The discomfort of a painful stool could have several medical explanations. The most common of these is represented by the inflammation of the blood veins in the area or what we know as hemorrhoids. Other reasons for a painful bowel movement include a very large stool or a tightening of the anus due to stress accumulation in the rectum muscles. In time, the intestinal tissue can get damaged or modified by trauma, illness or tension, and such conditions usually become manifest as a painful bowel movement.

Food that causes a painful bowel movement

Spices are known to cause an irritation or inflammation of the intestine; avoid foods that are too hot as they are the true enemy of healthy stools particularly if you have a sensitive digestive system. Nuts, beans, peas and junk food are most likely to give you troubles. The same goes true for fizzy drinks and coffee that can irritate the digestive system.

Sports can alleviate painful bowel movement

Studies indicate that people who work out at least once a week and get involved in various physical activities every day have fewer chances of suffering from a painful bowel movement. Sports fights constipation, and therefore, the appearance of large and hard stools that hurt the anus would be prevented.