Are you bothered by repeated stringy bowel movement?

Bowel movement differs from one person to another, but most people tend to worry when they get to have a stringy stool instead of a normal one. A stringy stool is very thin and often soft in texture, being usually caused by an accumulated tension in the anus muscles. The rectal region is very exposed to stress particularly since diet, constipation and other intestinal problems can create an unpleasant bowel movement history.

Why is stringy bowel movement soft?

Diet is the main factor that influences the texture of the stool. Consider for instance the situation when you have several stools per day, most of them soft; the normal tendency will be to contract the muscles in the anal area to keep the bowel movement under control. Illness can also cause a soft stringy bowel movement, and should any other abdominal symptoms appear, then it is time for you to run some medical tests.

Reducing the frequency of the stringy bowel movement episodes

Stress management is the solution for eliminating muscular contraction in the anal area and thus favoring a normal stool. Moreover, if the medical check reveals an infection at the intestine level, you'll only get to solve the problem of the stringy bowel movement by administrating a specific oral treatment and following a strict diet.