What does unusual bowel movement mean?

Since it is very difficult to define what it is normal in terms of stool patterns, it proves equally difficult to establish what an unusual bowel movement actually means. The size, the color and the frequency of the stool varies from one individual to the other, being heavily influenced by diet, stress level and hydration. Therefore, a change in the regular stool characteristics is what we may call “unusual” bowel movement.

Example of unusual bowel movement

The very passage from a normal daily stool to a constipation or diarrhea state becomes an unusual bowel movement. Mucus, blood, white specs or severe color modifications are other elements that can define a very special physical condition. Even if the changes may be temporary due to diet, it is nevertheless true that severe health conditions can be announced by an unusual bowel movement.  

Dealing with an unusual bowel movement

When experiencing other symptoms besides an unusual stool, stick to a very simple diet. If you have diarrhea, toast, cheese and rice will be of great help, whereas constipation can be dealt with by eating fresh or dry plums, grapes and lots of cereals. Herbs and homeopathic supplements make a difference under the circumstances, yet the opinion of a health care provider is recommended in order to avoid further deterioration of your state.