Urgent bowel movement

Urgent waste elimination is a common condition most people are facing on a daily basis. An urgent bowel movement can occur as part of the daily stool routine, at a certain moment during the day, or unexpectedly after taking a laxative substance or even due to psychological factors such as stress. An urgent stool can also indicate illness, and it is well known that diarrhea will not allow you to delay a visit to the rest room.

Vegetarian diets and urgent bowel movement

Unless you are suffering from food poisoning, meat, white bread and sweets are not likely to trigger an urgent bowel movement. Research indicates that spontaneous and often pressing stools are caused by the presence of high fiber mass in diet. Greens and fruit are the most likely to cause urgent bowel movements, particularly if you are an adapt of a healthy eating style.

When to use cures for urgent bowel movement

Unless the frequency and the consistency of the stools are bothersome or indicate some health problem at the level of the intestines, there is no reason to fight urgent bowel movement. If you've developed an urgent waste elimination pattern consider yourself fortunate in comparison with other people who suffer from constipation for instance.